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Get Your Family History Online Today


Family Historians

We are happy to work with family history enthusiasts to help you get started online.  We all have to start somewhere and creating your first online presence can be a bewildering experience!

Domain Setup

We can start right at the beginng with domain name purchase and setting up your hosting package.

WordPress Installation

Once you have a site, well install WordPress on your server.

Site Design

We can tailor the look and feel of your site so it better reflects you and your family.

Plugin Setup

Once we understand what you want your site to do, we can help you find and install the tools to make it happen.

Backups and Security

Concerned about privacy or loosing years of research?  We can set up tools to manage the risks.

Updates and Maintenance

Software is constantly being improved and updating your site is essential.


Professional Genealogists

If you need a site to market your services, but also to support customers and share your results, we’ll make it happen.

Set Up and Manage

We’ll do the technical stuff – with a one-stop-shop package of domain purchase, setting up your business site and installing core tools and plugins.

Keep Clients Happy

If you need to offer ticket based service or seperate client logins with charts and reports on progress, we can tailor your site for your services.

Additional Features

Need advice on email marketing?  Want to add an online shop or have your blog posts appear automatically on your Facebook page – we’ll help.


Family History and Genealogical Organisations

IIf you need a site to provide online access to your records; manage memberships and renewals; offer private access to some content; promote and sell your goods or services; manage events and provide a training platform or magazine relating to family history, we can build it.

Records and Databases

Census data, grave records, local family genealogies, BMD records – we’ll help make your information accessible to online users.


Membership & eCommerce

Tools for membership sign up and renewal, product sales, training courses, newsletter distribution, room books etc.

App and Plugin Development

Need something special?  We can build plugins and apps for your specific needs, data and records.

Get a Quotation

Every client has different needs that are unique to them.  Email us a brief explaining what you are looking for and we will happily provide an estimate for development.