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Family history and genealogical studies depend on data.  Often the data is complex – second marriages, presumed relationships, partial sources and so on can make bringing you family history to life clearly and engagingly a difficult task.

Whether you want to simply display a three generation family chart or need to put online larger datasets covering multiple families, we can help.


A Unique Combination of skills

Founded by a family history enthusiast, our team have been developing WordPress websites since 2006 and researching family history since 2003.

Family History

Based in London, our Owner has been researching his one family since 2003.


WordPress Plugins

Our team developed the leading family tree plugin for WordPress – TreePress.

Website Development

We have been building websites since 1999 – first in HTML now mainly on WordPress.

Magazines & Events

The team also has extensive experience in publishing and events.

Over 1000 Users

Builders of the Leading WordPress Family Tree Plugins

We are the development team behind TreePress – the leading family tree plugin for WordPress.  We have also just launched WPGenealogy, a second plugin designed to be an all-in-one family history site solution.

TreePress is the Leading Family Tree Solution for WordPress

WordPress Plugin

WPGenealogy is a simple tool to create family history websites

WordPress Plugin